Balance The Mind, Body & Spirit

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda literally translates to “the science of life.” It is the traditional medicine of India. It is often called the “sister science” to yoga, as it encompasses all aspects of life-body, mind and spirit.

Whether you are dealing with a specific condition, need help managing stress or anxiety, or are simply looking for a way to optimize your health, Ayurveda can provide a path to your best self.

Ayurvedic Wellness Consultations

We create an individualized treatment plan to get you on the road to ideal health and wellness!

We can help with:
Stress Relief
Digestive issues
Preventative care
Weight loss
Fibromyalgia, and much more!

“Jessica developed a treatment plan that covered all aspects of my life and I kept an open mind and tried each suggestion. I learned tools that I could use each day to help me deal with stress, worry/anxiety, upset tummy and long term health. The changes I have learned have been life changing and I am so grateful for Jessica’s knowledge and caring spirit in helping me”. -KW

“Jessica is a breath of fresh air! Jessica listened to my goals and worked with me to develop a plan that works for me. I am grateful for her extensive knowledge in natural healing and relaxation. I have been able to keep my seasonal allergies under control with natural herbs instead of prescription medications, this has made a huge difference!” -AA

“The six sessions I’ve experienced with Ayurvedic Practitioner Jessica Houghton are proving to have a major impact on my health and lifestyle. I am experiencing very satisfying results, feeling better, and even loosing a few pounds, which is remarkable after literally years of struggle. It’s amazing the chronic illnesses she can address. Whatever concern I take to her, she explains and advises what to do/change. -EW.

“I highly recommend In Harmony Ayurveda. This was my first experience with Ayurveda, and with Jessica’s knowledge and experience, and kindness and patience, I was able to make significant changes in mind and body. I will definitely work with her again”. -JM

Consultations by appointment
Located at Yakima Healing Arts
(Office of Dr. Kara Lolley and Associates)
307 S. 12th Ave Ste 20

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